Jaclyn Miller

President & Co-Founder

Jaclyn has been traveling and serving in Mexico for over 15 years and is deeply passionate about the orphaned children of Latin America. Having adopted the culture as her own from a young age, Jaclyn has continued to pour out her life to mother these young ones and break the cycles of poverty, homelessness, and generational crime by offering long-term solutions to empower orphans through education. She has set herself and committed her life to see every orphanage in Latin America emptied by empowering generations of orphans to live a life they would never have dreamed.

Jaclyn has developed a unique set of skills specific to her work in Mexico as a result of her extensive efforts toward improving the lives of the less fortunate and orphaned people. This displayed for more than 8 years at Fundación Emmanuel Guadalajara A.C. Teaching English as a second language both at Fundación Emmanuel and Howard Gardner Bilingual School in Guadalajara, Mexico combined with her active involvement in the personal and educational development of countless children from the orphanage. Jaclyn has also worked with/on many different cases ranging from abandonment, drug abuse and human trafficking. Her passion spilled over into her personal profession after living for extended periods of time at Fundación Emmanuel she returned home to work in early childhood development.

Jaclyn now resides with her husband Micheal in Guadalajara Mexico full time working exclusively with orphanages and poverty stricken communities.

Get in touch with Jaclyn on Twitter at @mrsJaclynMiller or via email.

Micheal Miller

Vice-President & Co-Founder

Micheal has been traveling and serving internationally including Mexico for 10 years. As a businessman with nearly a decade of business and finance management experience, Micheal is able to support the practical functions of the organization with oversight, strategy, and execution. As an individual who desires to make an impact on culture and people alike, he shares his wife Jaclyn’s vision and carries a message that breaks the power of of the orphan spirit and calls up fathers. His passion is to see the generational cycles broken and to become a father to the fatherless children of Mexico.

Micheal is a businessman, entrepreneur, minister and philanthropist with a proven track record of success in both business growth and charitable fundraising. Sharing Jaclyn’s passion for those who have no family and are less fortunate he has been able to offer his business and marketing acumen to various organizations to grow operations, develop and improve processes, and expand support network. Micheal also has spent time as an educator in music and leadership which will also be actively applied as part of the MBH program. As a Spanish-speaker and passionate communicator, he will support Marked By Heaven as a visionary and voice as well as a liaison between Mexico and USA.

Micheal now lives with his wife Jaclyn in Guadalajara working exclusively with the local community and orphanages.

Micheal can be reached on Twitter at @michealGmiller or via email.